What is Frosting AI? It’s really a magical tool for designers?

Your own illustration with the Frosting AI tool, which is free and user-friendly with both positive and negative prompt options. Frosting AI is able to transform your texts into artwork in any model. Your texts and imagination decide what you expect to see, which means this tool is based on the words you apply to create a well-designed image, you must be careful about your prompts because they generate only uncensored images.

Why we can use the Frosting AI tool?

Every designer has desired goal to create stunning artwork with a solid background that anyone can’t compare their illustration. The high-rated software programs allow premium plans to create a kind of project. For common features and adjustments, the Frosting AI tool is free to use.

Frosting AI doesn’t need any coding or AI knowledge, you need to input proper grammatically correct words to enjoy an easy-to-use generated tool. If you input some words and set all parameters, you’ll get realistic images that match your texts and it surprisingly gives results in just a few minutes so that you can save your time.

How to use Frosting AI tool

Using a Frosting AI tool to create AI generate images seems very tough to handle but it’s a straightforward process. For Example, when you visit the site, you’ll input some meaningful text such as “a man who wears a blue jacket and black pants with their bicycle and he stands around wide ranges of Mount Fuji, and there is a cherry blossom tree at the left corner”, after that you’ll get a desired image that matches your text.

Now we will help you with a step-by-step guide to create stunning AI-generated images. There are the following steps:

Sign Up: When you land on the official site, you can directly able to use this tool but Frosting AI does not allow you to save, download, share, or do other activities without creating an account. You can create a free account by using your email account and password.

Input Prompts: After creating an account, you’ll get a prompt box and a negative prompt box to enter your text. If you take a premium plan, the Frosting AI allows unlimited prompt length and other features to up and down the weightage of words.

Adjust Parameters: Once you input your text in the box, there are free model parameters to modify including the starting image, and three types of ratio like portrait, landscape, and square size. The premium plan unlocks more adjust parameters such as Batch size, prompt strength, fine-tuning quality of image in low, high, or medium, seed number, and more.

Generate web image: After all, when you click the “Dream” button and wait for a few moments, you’ll receive creative artwork that you can imagine and describe in your own words.

Save and Share: After all these processes and if you are satisfied with your creative image, you can import it into your gallery and share the image.