What is Freedom GPT & How to Use it?

Freedom GPT is developed by AI Capital LLC, which is located in Austin, Texas and it promotes privacy and customization of the chat. This chatbot is built on Large Language Model (LLM) and finds utility across different domains such as generating content, facilitating content marketing, and providing customer support.

This piece aims to explore the concept of Freedom GPT and illustrate its potential applications in contributing to the betterment of mankind. There are multiple features and benefits of using Freedom GPT in personal and professional life. So, let’s begin.

What is Freedom GPT?

It is an open-source AI model which generates responses and solves simple queries to complex tasks. It can write letters, essays, or even write poems/poetry which seems very difficult for an AI chatbot to do. But, this chatbot can do these types of tasks very effectively. You can use this tool from the website or download it from the app.

Freedom GPT

How to Use Freedom GPT?

To use Freedom GPT, you can download the app from the official website. After the installation is complete, you can access the chatbot and then you can do an answer question session without an internet connection. You can ask any query to this chatbot and this bot does wonders.

You can get tutorials from the official website about how you can use this tool and get amazing results. This tool is freely accessible to everyone but this platform can accept donations to improve the performance of the chatbot.

You can ask about your business, personal problems and also about daily life activities and it can give you useful pieces of advice. It can create content, do marketing, and make social media posts for yourself or your business.


Freedom GPT is also an AI model which gives high competition to its competitor’s chatbots while maintaining privacy and unbiased interactions. You can utilize this chatbot for a range of activities, including generating content, performing translations, and supporting marketing endeavors.

Furthermore, you can employ this application offline, without requiring an internet connection. This thing keeps it more secure and enables privacy.

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