Starbyface : How to Use and Complete Review

Starbyface is an amazing technology that can find your celebrity twin. This tool uses facial recognition techniques to find the celebrity who matches your look. The sensation of looking like a celebrity is incredible. The question is, though, whether it is true or not. In this article, we will give you a full detailed review of this app and tell you the clear reality.

What is Starbyface?

Starbyface is an AI tool that finds a celebrity who looks like you. It uses advanced technology to match the features of your face with any celebrity which exists in their database. There is a huge database of this app which includes celebrities of different fields like musicians, actors, athletes, etc.

Starbyface Review

I use this app and I find this app extremely interesting and entertaining. You must use this app and upload your photo and search for your celebrity look. Let’s take a review of this app and find out how this app works, whether Is it accurate or not, how to use it, is it safe or not. So, let’s begin

It is accurate or NOT?

Generally, Starbyface is accurate and gets results that match your face with the given celebrity. You can use it on your own and check out the accuracy.

Pricing of Starbyface

Starbyface is free for anyone. Everybody can use Starbyface and find their celebrity twin without spending a single penny. This app doesn’t charge anything or don’t ask you to buy for a subscription to get more features. All the features of this app are available free of cost.


It Is Safe or Not?

This app maintains the privacy of yours. The photo you uploaded on this app is deleted after the recognition. This app’s privacy statement states that your data will be kept safe and secure.

How to use Starbyface Online?

You can easily use Starbyface online by following the below method:

  1.     Visit the official website of Starbyface
  2.     Upload your face photo, make the photo clear and the lighting is good
  3.     Wait for some time until processing is complete.


The idea of this website is unique and wonderful. Using the app to discover your celebrity appearance is an amazing experience. Highly recommended app for everyone to use and enjoy it. This program was developed to help you find your inner star and for amusement purposes.

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