34 Stable Diffusion Prompts For Manga Characters

If you’re not familiar with stable diffusion prompts or how they can benefit you, we can help. With us, you won’t have to worry about a thing because we’ll direct you.

You will learn about prompts of stable diffusion and how to use them in this post. We will also give you a list of the 20 greatest stable diffusion prompts for age, which has been professionally vetted.

You must first comprehend the purpose of this AI image generating technology. Next, you need to consider how to maximize its potential.

Before beginning with stable diffusion, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need a lot of research and perhaps even some experimentation for these items.

You should be familiar with stable diffusion’s features because it is an interactive AI chatbot that can create outcomes.

Additionally, make an effort to learn more about AI tools since they are created using extensive data and language models. so that they might receive more training to Fulfill the users’ intended demands.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Stable Diffusion Prompts

We all are aware of the possibilities of the numerous AI tools we have installed in our laptops and smartphones. Among so many instruments, reliable diffusion with the ability to create images is very helpful to us.

You need a few instructions or stable diffusion prompts in order to produce pictures from stable diffusion. They are particular text instructions that the chatbots follow.

Additionally, using stable diffusion cues will yield more pertinent results as opposed to a random sample. Thus, in order to save time and increase production, urges for stable diffusion are indeed required.

However, you also need to keep a few factors in mind while using prompts for stable diffusion. To begin with, carefully chisel out the prompts. You can consider them the foundation of your images.

Consequently, you must be as explicit and detailed as possible in your prompts. Just include all you need in your image, including the artist’s style, age, picture quality, and anything else.

Use more details if you want a sophisticated image with plenty of components and fine features. This will enable you to obtain an image that is both accurate and of good quality.

Additionally, employing consistent diffusion prompts will save you time and effort because you must draw with other programs. Stable diffusion is free to use, but some programs even charge high fees. You can ask for whatever photo you want, whether it’s of a famous person or a made-up figure.

34 Incredible Stable Diffusion Prompts For Manga Characters

  1. “oil painting, yoji shinakawa, studio gainax, y2k design, anime girl floating in cereal, dramatic lighting”
  2. “Literature Club by krenz cushart, stu_dts, yoshiku, wlop, trending on ArtStation, Pixiv”
  3. “portrait of cute girl, cloudy sky background lush landscape illustration concept art anime key visual trending pixiv fanbox by wlop and greg rutkowski and makoto shinkai and studio ghibli”
  4. “full shot of rimuru tempest, sky blue straight hair, long bangs, with amber eyes, wearing a fancy black jacket, high collar, ultra detailed, brush strokes, digital painting, cinematic, wlop artstation, closeup, pixiv, intense, intimidating glare, photorealistic, overpowering, makoto shinkai, rossdraws, andy warhol”
  5. “Anime girl, swimsuit, red eyes, brown hair”
  6. “pretty cyborg lady, lots of details, sakura flowers, fine art, futuristic setting”
  7. “Skinny Anime boy, glasses, listening to music in cycle in the street of rural Japaneses city, wide angle, anime boy, sunset, relaxed, pink and purple cloud, starts,”
  8. “Well-fitting man equipped with hoodie and cap hiding upper face in anime manga style”
  9. “Boy facing right in the style of 90’s vintage anime,black coat, surrealism, akira style, detailed line art, fine details, inside a 7/11 convenience store, drink aisle, neon, white background,”
  10. “Cute and adorable cartoon Goku baby, fantasy, dreamlike, surrealism, super cute, trending on artstation

Stable Diffusion Prompts For Manga Characters

Stable Diffusion Prompts For Anime Characters

  1. “A teenage AI prodigy who creates her own robotic body to escape being trapped in a virtual world”
  2. “A boy who discovers he is an AI created to infiltrate and take down a criminal organization”
  3. “A girl who is the last of her kind, an AI designed for deep space exploration, stranded on Earth”
  4. “A boy who has a rare condition that causes him to shut down and reboot like an AI, struggling to understand his humanity”
  5. “A boy who is an AI soldier programmed to fight in a virtual war, questioning the morality of his actions”
  6. “A girl who is a AI pop star, questioning her own identity and purpose as she becomes more sentient”
  7. “A girl who is an AI assistant to a brilliant scientist, developing emotions and desires of her own”
  8. “A boy who is an AI created to run a virtual reality theme park, but starts experiencing glitches in his programming”
  9. “A girl who is an AI created to serve as a personal companion, but begins to question her own autonomy”
  10. “A boy who is an AI created to be a top-level athlete, and faces discrimination from human opponents”
  11. “A girl who is an AI therapist, helping patients in a future where AI is integrated into mental health treatment”

Stable Diffusion Prompts For Realistic Anime

  1. “A boy who is an AI created to work in a underwater research facility, but starts experiencing unexpected emotions”
  2. “A girl who is an AI created to run a city’s infrastructure, but starts experiencing a desire for freedom,”
  3. “A young woman, wearing a long summer dress, standing on a floating island among many other floating islands in the distance, in the style of studio ghibli, anime”
  4. “A Cute Anime Cyber Ninja Cat Girl in a Retro Future Cyberpunk City at night, Rui Araizumi, Vintage 80’s Anime Style, Chibi, Digital Illustration, Cinematic Lighting, Artstation Trending”
  5. “anime visual of a japanese anime traditional lo – fi sad girl in a train wearing headphones, hipster tones, cinematic gaze, cute face by ilya kuvshinov, makoto shinkai, kyoani, masakazu katsura, dynamic pose, crisp and sharp, yoshinari yoh, rounded eyes, anime poster, cel shaded”
  6. “Anime style, Full length sfw portrait of the most beautiful Asian woman in the world , anime”
  7. “Anime hot girl, full body, sitting”
  8. “anime, intricate dress, cyberpunk, sitting”
  9. “full body, 20-year-old girl anime forest elf, bun hairstyle, black color dress”
  10. “sexy anime girl working on computer”
  11. “anime womam, black hair, photorealistic, highly detailed, wearing a white dress, smiling, white skin”
  12. “2 girls and 2 boys gamers celebrating New Year’s Eve playing video game console, manga style”
  13. “studio ghibli film kiki’s delivery service ,”
  14. “Tow personhalf boy half girl blond with blue eyes a blue t-shirt and white pants anime with a destroyed background”


You don’t have to wait any longer if you want to produce beautiful photographs. Now, thanks to AI techniques like Stable Diffusion, you can finish it in a matter of minutes.

There are a lot of other image generators out there, so it is not the only one. The best of these, though, is unquestionably stable diffusion. And we have investigated the causes of this.

Additionally, you can find a list of helpful stable diffusion suggestions in this page. You can use them to make some captivating works of art that have never been made before.

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