Microsoft Bing Chat is now renamed Copilot, Here’s why

Say goodbye to Bing Chat because Microsoft introduced a new name, Copilot. Like ChatGPT, they also allow the composing of an essay, writing letters, and content writing, and help to answer any question that is typically found. Are you confused about the premium version of Bing Chat? The premium version formerly called Bing Chat Enterprise also has a new name Copilot. Renaming is also comes with great advantages and experience for customers who can believe in them or commercial customers. In a blog post, Microsoft Bing said that they have managed about 1 billion queries and prompts since they launched it.

What new things come when the Bing Chat turns into Copilot?

Like Bing, Copilot showcases their own website, with the free version and the premium plan which is named Microsoft 365 E, E5, Business Standard, and premium Copilot accessible in both Bing and Windows. The commercial terms and conditions of Copilot will be updated on 1 December and they will be included in Microsoft 365 F3 which costs $5/month. The premium plan comes with a variety of features such as data protection, Microsoft Graph Grounding, Microsoft 365 Apps, Copilot Studio, and more.

Copilot has its own webpage or domain to access here:, Now you can visit and enjoy a new experience, it now become the same as ChatGPT. This link recommends running only in Microsoft Edge, Windows, Mac OS, and Google Chrome on the desktop version, when you decide to try Chrome in mobile or Safari, you’ll get a roadblock.

There are some minor changes that appear in the webpage, where the new icons are smaller and they have the same prompts as before displayed such as Organize, Write, Create, Laugh, Code, and Travel.  You’ll also get the option to select one of three conversation styles you want to like Creative, Balance, or Precise and the theme colour is now become light blue to an off-white.

How can we use Copilot?

Let’s discuss how to take a few steps to be a customer of Copilot, there are the following steps:

  1. Create a new account on the new Copilot website: When you land on the official site and click on Sign in, a Microsoft account, Mac OS account or Entra ID is important to complete the sign-up process.
  2. Start using the new Copilot: After the completion of the login process, there is a text box option to ask something new and interesting queries, you just enter your queries into the box at the bottom of the page choose a conversation style you prefer, and submit them.
  3. The new window of Microsoft Copilot: there is some tool you need to know to understand how to use the new Copilot.
  4. The Add an Image option helps to upload an image from a gallery that is similar to when we use Google Lens. The Microphone option appears in the text area to use the device’s microphone. The new Topic option may delete your previous text when you want to text something new and more


The transformation from Bing Chat to Copilot marks a significant evolution in Microsoft’s conversational AI platform. The rebranding not only brings a new name but also introduces enhanced features and a refreshed user experience. With over 1 billion queries and prompts handled since its launch, Copilot showcases its prowess in assisting users with essay composition, letter writing, content creation, and answering a myriad of questions.