How to Use Midjourney for Free: Tips & Tricks

Midjourney is a program which is was founded in San Francisco, California by David Holz. It is based on a research lab and it offers a free beta version to generate amazing AI images from textual prompts like Stable Diffusion and Open AI DALL-E.  You can use Midjourney to create stunning illustrations based on your imagination.

Now, AI is used to generate wonderful and eye catchy images to help various industries. In this article, I’ll show you how you can use Midjourney for free and create multiple images and you can also sell your art and make money. So, without any further ago. Let’s get started.

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How to use Midjourney for Free?

Here is the finest method by which you can use MidJourney for free are as follows:

Create Discord Account

To use Midjourney for free, you need to create an account on Discord and then you need an activation to the Midjourney Discord Server. You can visit the website and click on “Join the Beta”, then you are directed to the Discord page of Midjourney.

Join the Channel

Once you are in the Discord of Midjourney, then you join any channel of Midjourney which allows the newbie to join such as “newbies-110”. Each newbie has access to generate 25 free images to generate. Use it wisely.


Create AI Image

To create an AI image, you should type the prompt in the chat box and press enter. The prompt is something that you want in an image. Make sure the prompt is clear and specific about what you want in an image. After entering the prompt hit enter and the image is generated.

Select an Image

After entering the prompt, Midjourney creates 4 different AI images. Then, you can select one of them which is close to your imagination. You can select an image by typing “/u” and entering the number of the image such as /u 2, if you like the second image.

Modify the Image

You can also modify the selected image and generate more detail and enhancement of that image. To modify an image, you can type “/v” and the number of the image (In this case \v 2).  And, then you new prompt box appears and you can type which thing you want to add or remove in your image.


That’s how you can generate free AI images with the help of MidJourney and create your art and sell it and make money. Make sure to write the correct prompt and write it in detail. The more detail you provide, the more detail it will give you in the image. You can generate any type of image which is in your head and make your imagination a reality.

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