How to Use ChatGPT 4 for Free: 4 Best Methods

ChatGPT is the product of Open AI. It is a famous AI Chatbot that gives human-like responses and solves your complex queries within a few seconds. There are various versions of ChatGPT available in the market.

The Latest version is ChatGPT-4. All the previous versions of ChatGPT are free to use. But this new version has a subscription of 20$ per month. But if you want to use this version free of cost. Then stick to this article because we will discuss the four best methods by which you can use ChatGPT 4 without spending a single penny.

How to Access ChatGPT 4?

There are two ways in which you can access the ChatGPT 4 authentically. The one way to sue ChatGPT is to buy their monthly subscription plan of 20$ Or the second method is to waitlist to get an API. There are different prices for the tokens of an API. You can visit the website for a better idea.

How to Use ChatGPT 4 for Free?

Here we will discuss the four best methods by which you can utilize the features of ChatGPT 4 for free are as follows:

Use ChatGPT 4 for free on Bing

Bing Chat

The browser Bing is now connected with ChatGPT because of their huge investment. That’s why they are connected and work together. So, here is the method by which you can use ChatGPT 4 with the help of Bing.

  • Install the Microsoft Edge on your PC/Laptop, if you already have then skip this step.
  • Go the Website of Bing
  • Click on “Start Chatting” to start the chat with the newest Model of ChatGPT
  • You must have to sign in to Bing to use ChatGPT 4 for free.

If you are using another browser on which you can’t sign up for Bing, then you should have to install the extension of Bing and you are good to go with the Bing chat.

ChatGPT 4 for free on Hugging Face

Hugging Face

You can also use the website called “Hugging Face” to use the ChatGPT for free. This is a very easy method to use the new version of the Open AI chatbot and get the answers to your queries. But in this method, there is a con.

You can wait for some time to get the response from the chatbot because there are a lot of people using the same website and the website takes some time to respond. To use this website, make sure to follow the below method.

  • First of all, visit the official website of Hugging Face.
  • Type your question in the box and tap on “Run”.
  • Then you are good to go and the answer to your query is in front of you.

By Using

This is a very easy and quick platform where you can get responses quickly without waiting. This is a web platform where you can use ChatGPT 4 for free without any hassle. Following are the methods by which you can use it easily:

  • Visit the website of
  • Sign in to the website with your login credentials.
  • Type your question/query in the box to get the answer to it.

Poe to use ChatGPT for Free

Poe to ChatGPT for free

Poe is a wonderful platform that you can use to explore various chatbots that are used by multiple people all over the world. The major benefit of using Poe is that you can also generate your chatbots with the help of third-party apps.

The method of using ChatGPT for free with the help of Poe is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Poe on your browser.
  • Create an account on this website by Signing Up.
  • Once you create the account, the login and the interface will appear in front of you.
  • There are multiple bots available in front of you, make sure to click on the ChatGPT 4 to use it for free.
  • Now, it’s time to write your desired question or query which is the answer you want from it.
  • Then, boom. It generates a response within a few seconds.


These are the methods by which you can use ChatGPT for free. ChatGPT has a large dataset that it can use to generate human-like responses. It is a large language model and uses an advanced algorithm to interact with humans. Stats show that every month there are new 96 Million users come to this platform to access ChatGPT.\

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Is ChatGPT 4 available for Public Access?

ChatGPT 4 is available for those users who are monthly subscribers of them and pay 20$ monthly.

Can I use ChatGPT 4 for free?

Yes, by following the methods given in the article, you can also use ChatGPT for free. There are multiple platforms like Poe, Hugging Face, or Bing are available which you can use to get access to ChatGPT for free.

Can I create my bots using ChatGPT 4?

Yes, with the help of ChatGPT 4, you can also create your chatbots. There are multiple courses available that you can use to build a chatbot that caters to your needs.

Can I use ChatGPT 4 on my Phone?

Yes, there is a mobile version is also available for those who are subscribers of ChatGPT. A mobile app is also available which you can use and get responses as you get from the web application of ChatGPT.

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