How to Use Beacons.AI: A Guide for Creators

If you are a content creator then you can’t afford to miss out from your toolkit. Why, well because there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t.

And in this article we will be flashing upon those reasons. In addition to this we will also talk about how you can grow with beacons.

What Is

Before getting started on it will be good to have an idea how it began and what’s the idea behind it. Well, when we talk about content creation, there are so many thoughts that ran over our mind.

There are so many questions ahead of us, like how much they earn, is it easy to start earning as content creators. And because of these questions hundreds of enthusiastic people step back from this lane.

And that is perhaps why four PhD students from Stanford University decided to help creators to build their community. They believed it will be good for content creators to get all monetization tools at one place.

These four people believe that everyone should pursue what they want to do in life as their career. Whether one likes to cook, dancing, singing, gaming, travelling or even consulting should do that to make a living.

And in today’s time people can achieve this by creating content on the fields they are good at. That is why believing that they can help creators to create their best versions online they started

With this app content creators will get AI as their assistant and can work efficiently to draw more attention. It includes content creators with commission marketing and affiliate marketing too. is a one – stop destination for all sorts of content creating activities as well to promote them. So creators don’t need to wander for their different tasks, they can now do it at one place thanks to

How Help Content Creators

Now, let’s have a glance on how you can use for you and what benefits it offers to you.

Well, to get started with you first need to sign up and create your profile at beacons. You can use social media platforms to log in to beacons, like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Twitch.

Also you need to link your email account with beacons to get notifications and timely alerts. When you are finished log in then you need to work on your page.

You need to personalize your page, you can change themes and there are so many things that you can change. However, here you have to be mindful and not waste just polishing your profile. You can come back later and work on it with even more brilliant ideas. has a ‘Links’ tab where you can drive traffic to affiliate links, content and anywhere where you want your viewers to go. And you can add as many links as you want, so no need to worry about anything.

Then you need to activate your email list, so that your audience can interact with you through their mails. Now after it you will be able to see monetization tools on your profile. You can do so through the ‘Request’ and ‘Store’ tabs.

Also you can engage your audience through your account and personalize your links. You can also animate your links and add little bit of creativity too.


Thus, becoming content creator with doesn’t seem that tough at all. However, when beacons is taking care of your audience and promotion as creators you need to work on you content.

As a content creator you need to work for your audience, coming with unique ideas and engage them. The rest will handle for you and give the best results.

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