How to Setup Janitor AI Reverse Proxy | Configuration Guide

Janitor AI is a tool which is created by Open AI that offers you to create characters, generate dialogues, and a lot of other features are provided. But you can improve the security, performance and make it free by doing the Janitor AI reverse proxy.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can do Janitor AI reverse proxy step by step to improve the ability of this fabulous AI model. We will also discuss the benefits and how you can do it.


There are multiple benefits of reverse proxy. The major benefit is that you can use this AI model at its full potential without any hassle.

  • Security: By using the reverse proxy, an extra layer of protection is applied between the clients and your network. I help to protect your network from different types of dangerous requests which may harmful.
  • Increased Performance: A reverse proxy can increase the performance of your network by catching more requests reduce the load on your server. That’s how more speed and a smooth experience will be given to the clients.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: A reverse proxy will provide you with the feature of monitoring and analytics about the performance of Janitor AI. You can track the progress by checking the response time and traffic to improve the performance of Janitor AI.


How to Setup Janitor AI Reverse Proxy

If you want to do a Janitor AI reverse proxy, this step-by-step guide is for you. So, let’s begin the process:

  1. First of all, choose a proxy server with a good reputation and performance which meets your requirements.
  2. Set up the reverse proxy by following the process by the proxy service.
  3. When you complete the setup for reverse proxy, Now you can access the Janitor AI API. Instead of sending requests directly to the Open AI, you can send them to the proxy service server. Then, the proxy server will send the request to the Open AI API and return the response.
  4. Open the Janitor AI website
  5. Login to the website with your credentials.
  6. Now, the chat interface will appear, then after some time, a message will appear “API not ready! Click on Setup
  7. Then, tap on the three lines at the top right corner.
  8. A menu will appear Click on “API Setting”.
  9. in the API setting, look for Open AI and click on the Reverse Proxy option
  10. A dialogue box will appear on which you can enter the Open AI proxy and reverse proxy key.
  11. Once you enter the key, then click on the save and apply button.

That’s how you can set up Janitor AI reverse proxy and use its features.


This is a complete guide on how you can do Janitor AI reverse proxy and use it at its full potential. By doing the reverse proxy, you can use more features of Janitor AI for a better experience. You can easily do reverse proxy by following the guidelines mentioned in the article.

The reverse proxy will help you continue your journey with Janitor AI for free to the monthly usage provided by Open AI. The Reverse proxy will help you to optimize usage, avoid additional charges,  and give you a smooth experience.

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