How to Fix “Conversation Not Found” ChatGPT?

If you see this frustrating error on ChatGPT which is “Conversation Not Found”. This error happens when you start the conversation or sometime in the middle of the conversation and it interrupts the flow of conversation.

Many users can report this error and I also faced this error and I know how frustrated it is. But don’t worry in this article I covered all the necessary detail on why this error happens and how you can troubleshoot this error to maintain the flow of chat.

Why does this Error happen?

There are multiple factors by which this error appears on the screen. It is because the model of ChatGPT can’t understand your query or it happens due to some server issues. Some other technical problems are the cause of this error such as the internet connection, high traffic, server down, or maybe the system crashes.

How to Fix Conversation Not Found ChatGPT Error?

Conversation not found error chatgpt

After you know why this error happens, it is time to know how you can tackle this problem and solve this error on your own.

Check your Internet Connection

Make sure to check your internet connection, maybe your internet connection is weak or disconnected for some reason. A stable internet connection is necessary for the smooth running of ChatGPT.

Clear Browser Cookies

Clear your Brower cookies, sometimes the old cookies can cause this error. Make sure to clear all the cookies data for better running of the ChatGPT. Clearing the cookies helps the browser to run at its maximum.

Disable Browser Extension

Some extensions can cause errors and trouble in the running of the ChatGPT. Make sure to disable the extension again and run the ChatGPT. You can easily disable the extension on Chrome by visiting the extension tab.

Use a VPN

Try to use a good VPN to avoid the conversation not found error on ChatGPT. Sometimes in some regions, there is an issue with running ChatGPT. Then, try to use a VPN for the smooth running of the chatbot.

Contact ChatGPT Support

If nothing works, then you contact the support of ChatGPT. They help you and provide you with a reliable solution. There is a chatbox on the website. You can contact them and they will contact you as soon as possible.


Here are the multiple solutions to troubleshoot this error which disrupts the flow of conversation between the user and the chatbot. You can try multiple solutions to tackle this error and enjoy a smooth conversation.

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Peak hours of ChatGPT?

The peak hours of ChatGPT when the server is overloaded are 1 P.M. to 4 A.M.

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