How To Delete Janitor AI Account

Want to know how to delete janitor ai account, then take a bliss of relief, because you have landed on the right place. With us you will get a full detailed guide on janitor AI app and how you can use it.

In this era, when you are surrounded by digital devices and internet things, it is hard to find your way out. The same happens with the accounts that you make on internet. Whether it’s a social media site, game account or any chatbot account you can easily sign up.

However, you exactly don’t know how to delete janitor ai account, and just delete the app. but this can be your grave mistake, because your janitor account is still present. That is why you need to delete your janitor ai account.

What Is Janitor AI

Before jumping on to the question how to delete janitor ai account, let’s share a few words on janitor AI. You may also have heard its name before as an interesting and interactive chatbot.

So what does janitor ai to is that it allows its users to start and guide conversations with virtual characters. They can be real life characters, like Elon Musk or Einstein, or completely fictional like Batman.

Users can start conversations with their favourite characters, and if want then can create their own characters too. Hence, janitor ai is an engaging chatbot that entertain its users in an unique way.

Is Janitor AI Free To Use

Before knowing how to delete janitor ai account it is important to know whether janitor ai is free or not. Unlike other AI chatbots janitor ai is free to use, and you just need API key to get started with janitor ai.

You can get API key for janitor ai using OpenAI and kobold AI where that latter is free to use. To start using janitor ai you first need to visit the official website of janitor ai then get your registered.

Then you can start exploring the available chatbots, and to access more features you can add janitor ai API key. And you are good to go with your newly created janitor ai account.

How To Delete Janitor AI Account

Finally, in this section we will see how to delete janitor ai account if you don’t want to use it anymore.

Step 1. Sign in to your janitor ai account

Step 2. Click on the section displaying “Settings”

Step 3. Now in the settings, scroll down and click on “Data Controls”

Step 4.  In the data controls you will option saying “delete my account”

Step 5. You just need to hit this tab, and your work is done, within a second your janitor ai account will be deleted.


Today, in the era of artificial intelligence, getting excellent AI tool is just finding a needle from haystack. When you have so many options in front, selecting only one becomes a tricky pick.

However, you have to do it, similarly one difficulty is to let go of some app that you have been using. There can be many reasons for that, like you don’t need the AI tool anymore, or there is another app providing more features.

In that case you don’t need to feel guilty, you are just doing the right thing. Therefore, if you are thinking of how to delete janitor ai account, then don’t wait for long.

Just like Janitor AI there is a plethora of AI apps available out there, from which you can pick one for you.

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