FreedomGPT Vs ChatGPT | Is FreedomGPT Safe?

In this era we are witnessing changes like never before, while some are arguably good, some are debated harmful. One such debated topic is the advent of AI and is FreedomGPT safe or not.

Why, well there are many reasons behind it, and we will be looking at them in this article. So if you are curious to know more about AI chatbots, then please give this article a read.


It will be of some use for us to first get to know about ChatGPT, also the first contender in our battle. You may have heard its name quite often and wonder what does it capable of and what not.

Well, to put simply you can say that there is nothing ChatGPT can’t do. Being developed by OpenAI, on developed models of GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 is one advanced AI chatbot.

Whether you want to write an essay, compose emails, or need to get some answers ChatGPT can do it all. Moreover, you can make ChatGPT write stories for you and even songs of various genres.

ChatGPT is serving several industries like content writing and marketing, and assisting humans to handle complex language tasks. After knowing about ChatGPT you may ask is FreedomGPT safe.


When we come to FreedomGPT, we find it quite new in the market and with tonnes of features. Although it is similar to ChatGPT but then also in various instances they both are completely different.

One major difference that makes FreedomGPT stand apart from ChatGPT is the uncensored content. FreedomGPT is an open – source AI tool based on language model specially curated to copy human language patterns.

So when you start conversation with FreedomGPT it feels like you are talking to a human. With a wide range of prompts it generates the high – quality responses. Whether you want customer services, content creation or even marketing strategies, it can produce it all.

And now you can ask whether FreedomGPT safe or not. Well, we will be discussing that in the next section.

Is FreedomGPT Safe

In above two sections we have discussed about ChatGPT and FreedomGPT and what are their features. Well, when it comes to answer the question whether FreedomGPT safe or not, this section is important.

Till now we have seen that both ChatGPT and FreedomGPT are AI chatbots that offers human responses. However, they have certain benefits and even limitations too.

ChatGPT is based on the data before the year 2021, so it offers responses based on that only. And you can’t get answers on latest topics and themes.

However, FreedomGPT also has one drawback that is provides uncensored content. So in some cases it can offer unfiltered data that can be offending and indecent to humans.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, we can see that today we are having a plethora of options of everything that we do, and everything that we have. AI tools and apps are no different and there are numerous AI chatbot available out there.

In this article, we have talked about two popular AI chatbots, ChatGPT and FreedomGPT. When both of them belong to same genre, it is difficult to choose one between both.

Then the most obvious question that comes in our mind is whether FreedomGPT safe or not. Of it’s the same case with you, then till now you should have got your answers.

We have seen that both ChatGPT and FreedmGPT have their own sets of features to offer. If the former offers filtered content then the latter provide uncensored content.

There are many more features as well as differences that you will get to know when you use these two apps.

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