ChatGPT New Feature of Voice and Image Integration

ChatGPT is a famous AI chatbot that is capable of generating text responses for the user. Now, it has the capability of understanding the voice messages and images. The user can upload voices and images to ChatGPT and it is capable of responding to them too.

This is a ChatGPT new feature that is launched by Open AI. You can also use this feature on your mobile phone as you can talk to Alexa or Siri. ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak.

ChatGPT New Feature of Voice Capability

The user can input voice messages to the AI chatbots and this chatbot can respond to the user in the voice message. This chatbot can create natural voice messages and generate responses to you as you can talk to your friend.

It can also tell you a story or instruct you on anything you want from it. It is not just an AI bot that gives you the answers to your questions, it is more than that. Also, this chatbot has many variations to create voices of multiple actors and different tones.

ChatGPT New Feature of Image Capability

ChatGPT can recognize image messages and tell the user what is in the image and what is this image about. To use this feature, you just have to upload the image and ChatGPT will tell you about the image.

You can solve a query by uploading a picture of the question. You can also get a solution to the complex math problem. Upload the image of the question of the math or physics problem and it will provide you with a step-by-step solution.

ChatGPT New Feature

Ethical Consideration

As the technology grows, some ethical consideration comes with that also. Now, with these features of voice and images. The people can create a deep fake voice and images with the help of ChatGPT and they can use this feature in fraudulent activities.

Make sure to respect everyone’s privacy and don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments because it can generate false voices and images that can misguide you from reality.


Open AI launched these new features in this week of voice and image interaction in the chatbot. These new features are available for those users who are subscribers of ChatGPT Plus and enterprise users. ChatGPT Plus is a paid service of $20 per month. So, you have to pay 20$ to utilize these exciting features.

By utilizing these features, you can build a stronger connection with the chatbot. But sometimes it can generate some wrong results. So, make sure to research on your own. Don’t try the answers of the chatbot fully.

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