ChatGPT IPO: Key Insights and Stock Consideration

ChatGPT has revolutionized the whole world and it has had an impact on every aspect of life from personal to professional. It is the product of Open AI. After the popularity of ChatGPT, everyone started a new discussion about the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

There is no stock available for ChatGPT on the stock market. The investor has to wait until the Open AI announces the IPO for ChatGPT.

Who is the Major Investor in ChatGPT?

Microsoft is the major investor in Open AI. They invested $3 billion in 2019 and In January 2023, Microsoft announces to invest $10 Billion in its third phase.


How to Invest in ChatGPT?

You can’t invest in ChatGPT directly, but you can invest in this company by indirect methods such as Microsoft and Peron Network are the collaborators of ChatGPT.

Key Insights: ChatGPT

The investors take ChatGPT as a Golden Oppurtunity because of its valuation and the scope of the future of AI.

ChatGPT Current Valuation

In 2023, ChatGPT boosts its valuation from $27 Billion to $29 Billion. And these numbers are increasing rapidly and the future of AI is growing very fast.

Open AI Growth Story

The journey of ChatGPT IPO is growing from the year 2021. The valuation of the company in 2021 is $21 Billion. And, it becomes double in the next two years. And the current valuation of this company is $29 Billion.


AI is the future of the world and making sure to keep updated about the advancement in technology and investing in these types of technology is very beneficial regarding finances. If you are an investor then keep an eye on the Open AI company. And, when they allow trade in their company, then make sure to do investment because this is the future.

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What is ChatGPT’s current valuation?

The valuation of ChatGPT is $27 Billion to $29 Billion.

Who is behind ChatGPT?

A company called Open AI is behind the Idea of ChatGPT.

Can I invest in ChatGPT directly?

In August 2023, there is no chance for investors to invest in Open AI directly.

Are there any AI stocks worth considering in 2023?

Yes, there are a lot of AI companies that trade such as NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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