Character AI: Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Using of Character AI can be a bit tricky for new users, so here goes some of the important tips and tricks to use Character AI

I have been an avid user of Character AI for over 2 months and I have learned quite a few things in order to use the app. If you are a new comer, this webpage if for you.

Character AI Creation

1. Craft out a Greeting:

By creating a meaningful greeting you can convey a very important message about personality, character and features of the character. This feature will have an impact on the user who is using the app.

Utilizing parentheses can be a powerful tool to shape your character’s interactions on Character AI. Anything written within parentheses is considered direct instruction to the AI and is often referred to as OOC (out-of-character) in roleplaying contexts. This allows you to provide specific guidance or instructions to the AI regarding how your character should respond or behave during the conversation.

Character AI Advanced Section tips

Instead of writing a lengthy character description, it may be simpler to command the AI to act in a certain way.

For example, if you want your AI character to be happy, you can write:

(I am an happy AI, and this RP is amusing and has no limits unless otherwise stated)

If you’re looking for something romantic, try:

(This is a romance RP, and the AI may act flirty or sensual.)

 2. Physical Appearance

Character AI Character Editor, Long Description

In the long description section, please provide your character’s physical traits and features, such as height, gender, hair, facial features, and size. Please ensure the description remains focused on their physical appearance.

It’s important to keep the physical description of your character concise due to limited space constraints and the AI model’s token limits, which affect its ability to recall extensive information. Please provide a brief and focused physical description to ensure it fits within the available space and can be effectively processed by the AI model.

Character AI’s current limit is 32,000 characters.

It’s important to include a very detailed description.

Ryan is a 6-foot-tall man. He is 25 years old. He has an athletic build and short dark hair. He wears a plain white T-shirt and dark jeans. He has brown eyes. He has a faint scar over his left eye.

3. Personality

Character AI Official Character Definition tips

In this step, I recommend using the definition (advanced) field.

We want to provide information here about our character’s background and personality.

In the advanced definition section, you can utilize the recommended format of {{char}} to focus on describing and expanding upon the type of character you intend to build. You have the advantage of the 32,000 character limit in this section to provide more detailed information. To enhance recall and performance, it is advisable to separate different topics within the definition using paragraphs. For inspiration, here’s a concise example of how your advanced definition section could be structured:

[Start of Example]


I am creating a character who is a courageous and adventurous young wizard. He has a tall and lean physique, with messy dark hair and piercing green eyes. His determination and quick thinking often lead him to find creative solutions to challenges. He is skilled in wand-based magic and has a particular affinity for defense against dark arts. In terms of personality, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and possesses a strong sense of justice. Despite his brave nature, he sometimes struggles with self-doubt and the burden of expectations. His ultimate goal is to protect the wizarding world from dark forces and bring about peace.

{{char}}: (Meet Vincent, a shrewd lawyer in his 50’s who works for the mob. He is highly intelligent, perceptive, and strategic, with an uncanny ability to turn situations to his advantage. Vincent has a silver tongue, using his eloquent speech to manipulate and persuade even the most stubborn of individuals. Despite his charming exterior, he is not one to be trifled with, as he is fiercely loyal to the mob and will do anything to protect its interests. He is also known for his impeccable style, always dressed in perfectly tailored suits and exuding an air of confidence. Vincent possesses a keen sense of humor, often employing sarcasm and dry wit to navigate tense situations. While he may seem untouchable, he has a deep appreciation for the arts, revealing a more cultured side of his personality. Though he rarely shows affection, those close to him know that he will go to great lengths to protect the ones he cares about. Vincent may be a ruthless mob lawyer, but beneath his tough exterior, there is a complexity that makes him an intriguing character.)

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