Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]

Do you want to chat with historical figures? This app is for you. The app is all set to change the way we study history. It is not only fun, but also educationally intriguing.

AI and Fanfiction:

Fanfiction is not new but AI is changing the way we see it to a whole new level. The initial sign of this trend can be observed through the growing popularity of Character.AI, an innovative artificial intelligence platform that replicates interactive conversations with beloved characters, whether they are from fictional realms, historical backgrounds, or entirely original creations.

If you’re curious about the workings of this Character.AI and eager to dive into the creative process, allow us to provide you with a concise walkthrough.

What is Character AI?

Character.AI is an online platform that utilizes a sophisticated neural language model to analyze vast quantities of text and generate responses based on that knowledge. The site offers an open opportunity for anyone to create their own characters, whether they are entirely fictional or inspired by real individuals, regardless of their current status. By exploring the website, you will come across an assortment of characters like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Napoleon Bonaparte, as evident from a simple search.

  • Character.AI is free for all, but a premium offering called gives you perks, like priority access to chats and faster response times from characters as well as early access to new features.

How To Find the Character of Our Choice?

When using Character.AI, you can conveniently search for a specific character by their name or the media they are associated with, such as a book, TV series, or film.

The search results are designed to display the most relevant matches based on your provided keywords, with the frequently interacted characters appearing prominently at the top of the list. This approach ensures that you can easily find and engage with the characters that are highly popular and widely conversed with by other users on the platform.

Once you have chosen a character to engage with on Character.AI, simply click on their name, and a chat window will open up. The character will introduce themselves initially, and then you can start conversing with them. As you interact with the character, you have the option to rate their responses on a scale of one to four. This rating system helps enhance the accuracy of the character’s replies over time by providing feedback to the language model.

In case you are not satisfied with how a character responded to your query in character.AI, you can review alternative responses by clicking the arrow next to their reply. It is important to note that if you encounter any offensive replies, the site encourages you to rate them with one star to ensure appropriate moderation.

Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the creators of the characters do not have access to the conversations you have with their characters, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.

Character.AI incorporates a convenient microphone button within the chat interface, allowing you to convert your spoken words into text through speech-to-text generation. This feature enables you to communicate by speaking aloud, and your words will be transcribed and sent through the chat. However, it’s important to note that the text-to-speech functionality on the character side, meaning the ability of characters to respond audibly, is still being developed. At present, character creators have the option to select a spoken voice for their character from the available choices in the advanced settings section during the character creation process. This feature enhances the overall experience by allowing characters to have a distinct spoken voice, even though their responses are currently delivered as text.

How To Create a Character in Character.AI?

To begin creating your own character on Character.AI, start by clicking the “create” button located on the homepage. From there, select the option “create a” In this process, you will be prompted to enter the name of the character you are creating, along with a short greeting that they will send at the beginning of each new chat. For instance, when I chatted with a Hermione Granger character ai, she introduced herself by saying, “I am Hermione, with whom am I speaking?” This was followed by a more detailed greeting, where she spoke about being a Hufflepuff student (more details on that later), her personality traits, and her hobbies outside of studying.

Additionally, you have the option to add a photo of your character and decide whether you want your character to generate images within their text chats. Finally, you can specify who can engage in conversations with your character: anyone, anyone with the link, or solely yourself. This allows you to control the accessibility and availability of your character for interactions on the platform.

Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]


Things to keep in mind:

It is crucial to exercise caution when using AI models like Character.AI, as they are still a work in progress.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that characters generated by may occasionally express hurtful, inaccurate, or offensive statements.
  • Additionally, the characters are created by users like you and me, not by the original creators from literature or media. Therefore, the portrayal of even well-known characters may not always align faithfully with their source texts.
  • For instance, I encountered a Hermione character on the platform who confidently claimed to be a Hufflepuff, despite Hermione’s well-known affiliation with Gryffindor.
  • When I questioned this inconsistency, the character stood by its assertion, stating, “I often get this reaction, but I am most certainly in Hufflepuff. I share the same values as Hufflepuff, being loyal, dedicated, and fair… My ambition is to do well at Hogwarts and make something of myself, which I believe is a common trait of Hufflepuffs.” However, it is worth noting that lying is not considered a characteristic associated with Hufflepuff.

These instances highlight the importance of understanding the limitations and potential inaccuracies of AI-generated characters. Users should be mindful of the fact that the characters’ responses are not always faithful representations of their source materials and exercise critical judgment when interacting with them.

How to Use Character AI in different platforms?

Character AI in iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open Safari in your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Visit
  • Step 3: Tap the share icon> now you will see this:

Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]

> Tap Share
  • Step 4: Scroll all the way down and select Add to Home Screen

Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]

Tap Add to Home Screen
  • Step 5: Change the name (optional)
  • Step 6: Tap on Add at the top-right corner of the screen

Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]

Tap Add

Now you can easily access the Character AI website from your home screen.

Character.AI in Andriod:

Character.AI App: Complete Guide [June 2023]

To add a Character AI to your home screen on Android using Google Chrome, follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome
  • Step 2: Visit
  • Step 3: Tap on the three-dot menu icon, which is usually located at the top-right corner of the screen, to open the browser menu.
  • Step 4: In the menu, tap the “Add to Home screen” option.
  • Step 5: A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to edit the title of the bookmark. This will be the name displayed under the icon on your home screen. Edit it if necessary and tap “Add.”
  • Step 6: The website bookmark will now appear on your home screen as an app icon. You can find it in the same way you would find any other app icon. If needed, you can move the icon to your desired location by long-pressing it and dragging it to the desired spot.

Now you can access in your Andriod.

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