How to Use ChatGPT 4 for Free: 4 Best Methods

How to Use ChatGPT 4 for Free

ChatGPT is the product of Open AI. It is a famous AI Chatbot that gives human-like responses and solves your complex queries within a few seconds. There are various versions of ChatGPT available in the market. The Latest version is ChatGPT-4. All the previous versions of ChatGPT are free to use. But this new version … Read more

Claude vs ChatGPT: Battle of AI

Claude AI vs ChatGPT Battle of AI

Claude AI and ChatGPT both are incredible chatbots and specialize in their expertise. The battle between the chatbots never ends and more and more chatbots appear after each interval of time. In this article, we will discuss the difference between the Claude AI and ChatGPT and find out the similarities and differences between these chatbots. … Read more

Meta’s Ambitious Quest: Building an AI Model to Rival GPT-4

Meta’s Ambitious Quest Building an AI Model to Rival GPT-4

In the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has embarked on a voyage of monumental proportions: the development of an AI model to rival GPT-4. Let’s investigate the potential ramifications of this ambitious endeavor as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. Meta’s Vision Meta imagines a future in which … Read more

How to Enable ChatGPT Developer Mode with Prompt?

ChatGPT Developer Mode with Prompt

If you want your ChatGPT to generate responses more efficiently and specially. Then, you have to enable ChatGPT Developer Mode. By doing this, you can use the hidden features of ChatGPT and utilize them for your benefit. This article is all about how you can enable ChatGPT developer mode with the prompt. There are numerous … Read more

How to Fix “Conversation Not Found” ChatGPT?

Conversation Not Found

If you see this frustrating error on ChatGPT which is “Conversation Not Found”. This error happens when you start the conversation or sometime in the middle of the conversation and it interrupts the flow of conversation. Many users can report this error and I also faced this error and I know how frustrated it is. … Read more

ChatGPT Jailbreak – How to Chat with ChatGPT Porn and NSFW Content

ChatGPT Jailbreak

Today is the world of Artificial Intelligence and it is growing day by day and becoming more powerful. It has a vast range of applications that affects every field of life. One technology that affects the most is ChatGPT by Open AI. It rapidly changes the world and also changes the perspective of people. But … Read more