39 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers (Use it Like a Pro)

Today in this era of Artificial Intelligence Revolution what are getting everything that we have hoped for. Like earlier we used to dream of making our work easy and simple and it has become indeed thanks of AI. However, still we need something to gear our work up to many times as of now. And that is ChatGPT prompts. You all must be knowing about ChatGPT as it has caused a sensation among public worldwide with its features.

As you already know that ChatGPT is an AI tool that can do anything task for you after just one command. But that’s the catch, the command you need to give has to be precise and accurate.

That is why, we are here, to present you the best prompts for ChatGPT to use if you are a blogger.

Why You Should Use ChatGPT Prompts In Blogging

As any other profession blogging too needs to be updated with the latest trends and efficient. If you are a blogger and wondering why you are lagging behind then perhaps this is the reason.

If you are just writing and writing and not paying attention to other things then you are just wasting your time. That is why ChatGPT is the perfect tool for you. As a blogger you can use this incredible AI tool in many ways for your blogs.

  • Firstly you can ask for article ideas and recent topics in trend in your niche.
  • Secondly you can ask for the article outline or rough drafts for your blog.
  • You can even command ChatGPT for proofreading your article, SEO optimization for search engines, research and more.
  • There are many opportunities that you can explore with ChatGPT for you blogging.

While ChatGPT will handle your writing and research work you can turn your focus to other important tasks. You can work on outbound links and increasing organic traffic on your blogs.

39 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers (Use it Like a Pro)

39 Useful ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers

Impressed by the benefits of ChatGPT prompts, then hold your horses because you are getting more of them.

ChatGPT Prompts for Blogs

  • (Generate a list of trending topics in [your niche or industry] in the last [timeframe, e.g., 6 months])
  • Develop a strong introduction for a blog post on [topic] that hooks the reader and provides a clear overview of what they can expect from the article.
  • (Identify top [number, e.g., 5] influencers in [your niche or industry] and their most shared content)
  • (Analyze the most effective keywords and phrases for SEO in the [your niche or industry] domain)
  • (Discover common questions and concerns related to [specific subject] on platforms like Quora, Reddit, or industry forums)
  • (Examine the latest statistics and trends on [specific subject] in the [your niche or industry])
  • (Uncover case studies or success stories within [your niche or industry] that are relevant to [specific subject])
  • (Find the most popular blog posts about [specific subject] published in the last [timeframe, e.g., year])
  • (Determine the best content formats for [specific subject] based on engagement metrics and audience preferences)
  • (Gather insights on current challenges and pain points faced by the target audience in [your niche or industry])
  • (Evaluate the performance of your competitors’ content related to [specific subject] to identify areas for improvement)
  • Make an outline for a blog post about the following [ topic] The outline should have different subheadings and each section’s first sentence.

ChatGpt Prompts For Blogging

  • “Write an article based on the topics covered in the following article [Enter competitor URL here]. Make the article more comprehensive than the URL provided by adding details that the source URL has missed or didn’t cover. Answer the most commonly asked questions about the topic at the end of the article.”
  • (Create a comprehensive outline for a blog post discussing the impact of [specific trend or technology] on [your niche or industry] in the next [timeframe, e.g., 4 years])
  • (Develop a detailed outline for an ultimate guide to [specific subject or skill] for beginners in [your niche or industry])
  • (Generate a structured outline for a case study analysis on how [successful company or individual] implemented [specific strategy or innovation] in [your niche or industry])
  • (Design an engaging outline for a blog post comparing the pros and cons of [product A] vs. [product B] in [your niche or industry])
  • Make a plan for a blog post about [subject]. The outline should have the following parts: an introduction, a “what is” section, a “how” section, and a “benefits” section. Types of [subject], How to Start a [subject]Practice, and the End. Each section should have a short summary of what it will talk about. The tone of the blog post as a whole should be informative, convincing, and easy for anyone to understand.
  • (Craft a step-by-step outline for a how-to guide on [specific process or technique] in [your niche or industry])
  • “Write an article on the following topic [Enter topic here]. The article should be at least [number of words] words in length. Use a persuasive tone and pretend to be an expert on the topic.”

ChatGPT Prompts For SEO Titles

  • (Produce an informative outline for a blog post exploring the most common misconceptions about [specific subject] in [your niche or industry] and debunking them)
  • “I want you to approach this task with the mindset of a skilled content writer who is able to produce blog posts of a high quality that achieve high rankings on Google. I want you to write about the following topic, which is defined below [Define topic]. The topic fits into this particular subfield [Explain subfield]. My intention with this article is to [Explain intention].”
  • Create a compelling headline for an article about [topic] that captures readers’ attention and encourages them to click.
  • “I want you to generate a list of long-tail keywords that are related to the following blog post [Enter blog post text here].”
  • “Write a post for your blog about “blogPostTopic.” Write it with a “tone.” Use words to connect ideas. Write over 1000 words. The blog post should be written in the form of a story about yourself.Use the following words and phrases: “{keywords}”. Make a good post title and a meta description with no more than 100 words. and put it at the end of the blog post”
  • Outline the main points to be covered in an article about [topic], providing a logical structure that guides the reader through the content.
  • Generate a list of subheadings for a blog post on [topic] that breaks the content into easily digestible sections, making it more reader-friendly.
  • Suggest engaging examples or anecdotes to illustrate key points in an article about [topic], helping to make the content more relatable and memorable.
  • “Suggest at least 5 SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions for the following blog post [Enter your blog post text here]. Use a persuasive and intriguing tone.”
  • Identify relevant data or statistics to include in a blog post on [topic], supporting the main points and adding credibility to the content.

ChatGPT Prompts Blog Editing

  • Propose potential solutions or recommendations for addressing the challenges or pain points discussed in an article about [topic], offering actionable advice for readers.
  • “Write a list of blog titles that include statistics on [topic].”
  • “I want you to help me correct and improve my English spelling. I will talk to you in English, and I want you to replace my simple words and sentences at the A0-level with more beautiful and elegant words and sentences at the upper-level. Keep the same meaning, but make the words sound better. I only want you to respond to the correction and the improvements. Please don’t write anything else.”
  • “Suggest at least 5 tags for the following blog post [Enter your blog post text here].
  • Analyze this text for plagiarism and report any issues found: “{your text here}”
  • Review this passage for potential plagiarism and provide feedback: “{your text here}”
  • Assess the uniqueness of this excerpt and notify me if it appears plagiarized: “{your text here}”
  • “Check this blog post for spelling and grammar mistakes.”
  • Investigate the originality of this paragraph and let me know if it sounds robotic or plagiarized: “{your text here}”


Q1. Is ChatGPT for blogging is a good idea?

Yes, it is a excellent idea indeed, as you know ChatGPT is a great AI tool for writing and research purposes. So you can give these tasks to ChatGPT which will give you better results. And you can focus on other things related to your blogs.

Q2. What tasks can ChatGPT do for free?

Well, there are many things that ChatGPT can do, like writing emails, crafting blogs and articles. Moreover, it can even produce marketing strategies and themes for stories.


Therefore, we can see that with ChatGPT having a blog is not a headache anymore. Now we can ascend some of our task to this AI tool while we can concentrate on other things.

For better results with ChatGPT, there are certain things that you should know. Although you might be working fine like now with ChatGPT, but using ChatGPT prompts will make your work easier and quick.

These prompts will are designed in a way to provide ChatGPT with accurate commands. So when you use these prompts you will get exactly what you want.

Stay tuned with fans theory for further updates. 

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